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LASIK Technology

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Since the FDA approval of LASIK in 1998, incredible breakthroughs in technology have been discovered to improve the consistency of great results and minimize the risks of LASIK. With the introduction of state-of-the-art equipment, LASIK is now more accurate, predictable and safer than ever before. Ongoing research and development continues to improve the quality of LASIK results available to consumers.

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Laser Technology
The laser chosen by your LASIK doctor is incredibly important in your LASIK outcome. Surgeon skill and laser technology are two of the main factors to consider when choosing a LASIK provider. The following lasers are recognized for their precision and ability to provide outstanding results:



Bausch & Lomb Zyoptix

Custom LASIK & Wavefront

Microkeratome Technology
The microkeratome is the instrument that creates the corneal flap during LASIK surgery. When LASIK was first FDA approved, the microkeratomes used were complicated machines that contributed to higher rates of LASIK flap complications. With extensive research and development, microkeratome technology has come along way. Today’s modern microkeratomes are designed with precision to significantly reduce flap complication risks.

Hansatome Microkeratome


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