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When choosing a LASIK surgeon or learning about your LASIK procedure, information such as articles can be crucial to your research. The articles below explore a wide variety of topics, and cover each topic in depth from a consumer perspective. If you do not see a topic you're looking for or would like a LASIK consultation in your area, please feel free to contact a LASIK surgeon using our directory contact form for information from LASIK professionals.


General Eye Information
LASIK Overview
Laser Vision Correction
What Vision Defects Does LASIK Correct?
The LASIK Procedure
LASIK Choices
Factors Affecting LASIK
LASIK Technology
Other Refractive Surgeries
Intraocular Lenses
Eye Safety
Other Eye Conditions
How To...
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General Eye Information

History of Ophthalmology and LASIK (return to top)

Part 1: The Ancient World. Page 1,Page 2
Part 2: The Middle Ages: Spectacles
Part 3: Anesthesia and Infection. Page 1,Page 2
Part 4: The Nineteenth Century: Seeing the Eye
Part 5: The Twentieth Century: Swift Progress
Part 6: What is a Laser?
Part 7: Leading up to LASIK
Part 8: LASIK Into the Twenty-First Century

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Laser Vision Correction

What vision defects does LASIK correct? (return to top)

The LASIK Procedure (return to top)

LASIK Choices (return to top)

Factors Affecting LASIK (return to top)

LASIK Technology (return to top)

Other Refractive Surgeries (return to top)

Intraocular Lenses
Implantable Contact Lenses (return to top)


Presbyopia (return to top)


Cataracts (return to top)


Glaucoma (return to top)


Eye Safety (return to top)


Diabetes (return to top)


Dry Eye (return to top)


Other Eye Conditions (return to top)


How To... (return to top)


Vision Organizations (return to top)

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